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Kenner, Lousiana - The Neuroendocrine Program at Ochsner Medical Center – Kenner specializes in the diagnosis and management of all forms of neuroendocrine tumors, of which carcinoid are the most common. The program is an affiliation between Louisiana State University Health Science Center and Ochsner Medical Center. 

Ochsner believes no one treatment regimen can successfully manage all patients at all stages of their disease. Many, if not most, patients will derive benefit from a combined approach, considering all therapeutic options, both non-surgical and surgical. Ochsner strives to offer the most effective treatment options for its patients that utilize the combined experiences of medical oncology, surgical oncology, transplantation, nutrition and research. 

This program has a very aggressive approach to the treatment of NET, especially small bowel NETS. They attempt to reduce these tumors and have become experts in the resection of nodal metastases especially those that displace or encase the superior mesenteric artery. Following surgery, they evaluate individual tumor characteristics to try and match postoperative therapies to individual tumor characteristics.

This program has: 

  • consulted with over 2400 new neuroendocrine tumor patients
  • performed over 1000 neuroendocrine tumor debulking surgeries
  • performed over 100 MIBG therapies on neuroendocrine tumor patients
  • performed over 350 liver-directed therapies on neuroendocrine tumor patients

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