Aldo Scarpa is the Director of the ARC-Net Research Centre for Applied Research on Cancer and Chair of the Department of Pathology at the University and Hospital Trust of Verona.

Prof. Scarpa received his MD from the University of Padua and his PhD in Human Oncology and Molecular Pathology from the University of Verona. He trained in Japan at the National Cancer Center of Tokyo, at the New York University and La Jolla Cancer Research Center, USA, and at the Nürnberg Universität, Germany.

He leads the Cancer Biobank Network Programme in the Veneto Region (Italy) (population 4,900,000), and is Chief of the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory, officially recognised by the Veneto Government as one of two referral centres for cancer molecular diagnostics in the region and leader of the Italian effort in the International Cancer Genome Consortium funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Ministry of Health. He is also a Principle Investigator of the Italian National Consortium for early diagnostics in cancer funded by the Italian Association for Cancer research (AIRC).

The research focus of Prof Scarpa is the translation into clinical practice of molecular subclassifications of cancers with prognostic-diagnostic-therapeutic relevance. He has published over 330 papers cited in PubMed. His current efforts are devoted to the prospective clinical validation of liquid biopsies using matched molecular characterisation of primary tumours and sequential plasma samples from patients under treatment.