The NANETS Awards are vital for honoring members' contributions to neuroendocrine tumor research and care. Recognizing excellence in various fields, these awards inspire innovation and collaboration among experts. By celebrating individual achievements, NANETS fosters a dynamic community dedicated to advancing knowledge and improving patient outcomes in the fight against neuroendocrine tumors.

Distinguished Mentor Award

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to, and record of, mentoring services during their career. The Distinguished Mentoring Award nominations will be evaluated based on the positive educational and/or research experiences of the mentors' trainees, including the impact of mentorship on their subsequent professional and personal success.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Offering sound guidance and valuable feedback to their mentees to advance and develop the mentee’s path to academic and professional success.

2. Generously share their valuable time to be accessible to their mentees. Impart guidance and expertise in encouraging and critiquing the mentee’s leadership, training, and/or scholarly works.

3. Encourage and include mentees in networking activities with other professionals; making valuable member-to-member and peer connections.

4. Evidence of sustained involvement in professional mentoring relationships that result in career growth or personal development of his/her mentees. 5. Serve as a role model for their colleagues by maintaining high standards for excellence within their discipline and the greater institution.

Frequency: Every other year
Years granted: 2022, 2023

Nominating Process

Nominators are encouraged to include specific references to the criteria in their letter of recommendation. Nominator completes form, staff sends request to 2nd nominator as listed, and to nominee for CV.


Distinguished APP/AHP Award

The North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (NANETS) Distinguished Advanced Practitioner Provider/Allied Health Professional Award recognizes and honors a member who has served NANETS in its efforts to educate healthcare providers and improve the outcomes of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

Eligibility Criteria

1. NANETS member in good standing.

2. Role model with proven track record of dedication to his/her profession and professional ethics.

3. Important contributions to the NET field in areas such as patient care, mentoring, research, clinical guidelines, and/or NET-related education (for patients, caregivers and/or healthcare providers).

4. Evidence of commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to NET workforce.

5. Track record of service to NANETS.

6. Advanced Practitioner Providers and Allied Health Professionals include, but are not limited to, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, Genetic Counselors, Pharmacists and Dieticians.

Frequency: annually
Years granted: 2022, 2023

Nominating Process

The nominator should have personal or professional knowledge of the nominee's record of excellence. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
1. The nominator completes the Distinguished APP/AHP Award Nomination Form. This includes providing your CV, identifying your relationship with the nominee, and writing a letter of recommendation to support the nomination. The letter of recommendation from the nominator can be signed by more than one individual, and should address the following criteria:

a) Dedication to his/her profession
b) Track record of service to NANETS
c) Contributions to the field in the form of NET-related education, patient care, mentoring or research
d) Dissemination of NET-related knowledge in the form of meeting presentations, research papers, guidelines and/or adoption of NET-related care practices (e.g. PRRT clinic workflow, survivorship clinic, supportive care for carcinoid syndrome) by groups beyond home institution/group
e) Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
f) Viewed as a role model for others by maintaining high standards of excellence

2. Once the form is completed, staff will inform the nominee of the nomination and ask for his/her CV (with a note of service to NANETS and other contributions).


Rising Star Award (or Early Career Award) - NEW

Recognizing an identified future leader

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a NANETS member in good standing.

More details to follow.


Distinguished Clinician Award - NEW

 Awarded annually to a peer; multidisciplinary.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award- NEW

Distinguished service award for promoting DEI within NANETS and the broader NET Medical community.

Eligibility Criteria

Under-represented early career member


Outstanding Service Award

This award is given every few years in recognition of service to NANETS and could be a Neuroendocrine Community Advocate Award or Healthcare Professionals Service Award related to patient education, advocacy. This award is given periodically to members of the NET Community who have gone above and beyond in their service to NANETS.

Eligibility Criteria

Members of the NET Community who have gone above and beyond in their service to NANETS.

Frequency: periodic
Years granted: 2017, 2019, 2023

Nominating Process

Identified at the discretion of the President.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes and honors a medical professional who has made a lasting and worthwhile contribution to the field of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), and who has served NANETS in its efforts to improve the outcomes for patients with neuroendocrine tumors through multidisciplinary medical education, NET-related medical research, publication of guidelines and the exchange of knowledge and innovation.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Have made overall significant and specific scientific contributions to NET education and research, resulting in a significant impact on innovations in the diagnosis, classification or treatment of NETs, or advances in our understanding of NET tumor biology, and;

2. Have served at least 20 years as a distinguished medical professional involved with NET disease research, treatment or education, and;

3. It is preferred though not required that nominees have been actively involved in NANETS in a combination of one or more of the following: served as an officer, director, committee chairman, contributor to research/guidelines publications, or speaker/lecturer.

 Frequency: periodic
Years given:
 2009, 2012, 2014, 2017 (2), 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Nominating Process

At the discretion of the Executive Board.