As part of NANETS efforts to develop new relationships that will aid the growth of our research and education initiatives and other donor-funded educational projects, a more professional image consistent with our mission was needed.In this vein, a simplified, clean and more “medical” professional brand image was created. In October, the board charged the executive committee with the final decision, and we are pleased to introduce the new logo and images that will roll out in 2020. Our new "brand" will go a long way to engage and involve current and new stakeholders.Here's a look back at some of our original designs and logos and a nod forward to where we are today.


In 2011, NANETS unveiled its logo and brand to incorporate the double helix DNA strand into its imagery and messaging.


Ever mindful of the ubiquitous zebra image, which symbolizes the uniqueness of NET disease that defies uniformity, we merged and updated the zebra image and married it to a bright representation of the NANETS acronym.NANETS' new image is a clean and professional brand, representing NANETS' evolution as a respected multidisciplinary medical society dedicated to education, research, expanding awareness of neuroendocrine disease and attracting young professionals to the field.

Look for NANETS icons in social media and other web and print material to further communicate our priorities.

Here's a sneak peek at NANETS' website re-design. News of its official launch is coming soon.