Dear NANETS members and other interested parties in the NET community,

We are writing to inform you of some changes in the administrative structure at NANETS. As many of you may be aware, the Board commissioned a strategic plan that was completed towards the end of last year. While this assessment noted the important role NANETS plays in the NET community, including its many successes to date, it also identified a number of administrative and governance issues. The latter findings led the board to explore various options for augmenting our administrative and governance structure and we ultimately decided to engage a management company to help run our organization. This process is underway and will hopefully be completed soon. We anticipate that, once instituted, these changes should not materially affect members or others who interact with our organization.

During these deliberations, our long-term founder and Executive Director, Kari Brendtro made the decision to leave the organization as of January 31, 2017. We all value the tireless efforts Kari has made on behalf of NANETS during our first decade and we are very sorry to see her go. Kari has been the face of NANETS since its inception and she, almost singlehandedly, shepherded NANETS along as it grew to its current prominence in the community. Kari has informed us that she will continue to remain active in the NET community going forward and we hope to remain in contact with her. We will plan on a reception to celebrate all of her achievements during the Philadelphia annual meeting.

As our yet to be selected management company becomes established over the next few months, we are expecting that all should be a on a stable footing for our upcoming 10 year anniversary meeting in Philadelphia in October. While we are still planning on having up to four regional meetings this year, the planning for these have been deferred briefly until we have a management structure in place. We have completed our negotiations with Pancreas and have been able to retain free on line access for our members to the Journal. We continue to interact with ENETS and have a joint session for young investigators planned at the next meeting in Barcelona in March. Medical and surgical manuscripts resulting from our consensus conference on the management of small bowel NETS this summer in Iowa will soon be submitted to Pancreas. Our members have also contributed to a consensus manuscript with CommNETS for the follow up of NETs after apparent curative resection from last December.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition period. Please feel free to reach out to either of us or any of the board members should you have any questions.

Yours on behalf of the entire NANETS board,


David Metz, MD


James R. Howe, MD
NANETS Vice Chair