NANETS comprehensive, one-day regional NET Education programs are offered in conjunction with local cancer centers to provide multidisciplinary training to medical professionals across North America. Local physicians and allied healthcare providers come together with leaders in neuroendocrine medicine to educate and discuss NET disease and patient care in the community and across the U.S. Participants learn about standard management of patients with neuroendocrine tumors, as well as new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

In 2018 NANETS is going to Norfolk, VA, Detroit, MI, Salt Lake City, UT, Los Angeles, CA and New Brunswick, NJ. To learn more, please click on the below images.

2018 Regional CME Programs

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Norfolk, Virginia, Detroit Michigan, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles California.

Fall 2018 Regional NET Education Conferences will take place in New Orleans, Lousiana and New Brunswick. New Jersey.

2019 Regional CME Programs

Regional Conference Hosts

Medical partners interested in hosting a regional training program simply complete an online application. The NANETS Regional Committee meets regularly to discuss program development and content, and to collaborate with local medical professionals. Please also feel free to contact NANETS headquarters to discuss having a Regional Conference in your area.

Continuing Education

Continuing medical education (CME) credits are provided at regional conferences. CMEs vary from program to program depending upon the local CME provider.

Regional Program Support

Support for Regional Conferences is through education grants. Some regional programs do encourage exhibitors. Please contact NANETS headquarters to discuss supporting regional conferences.