Media Credentials

All media who wish to attend a NANETS conference must apply for NANETS media credentials. Journalists must apply directly for the credentials, not through another party or institution.

Applications are due no less than three weeks in advance of a NANETS conference program and should be submitted using the form below.


Media eligible for credentials include journalists for:

  • Print, radio, television
  • Online media that regularly publishes editorial news beyond opinion, personal analysis or forums
  • Peer-reviewed medical journals that publish original manuscripts and have a regular editorial news section or a supplemental conference news section
  • Publicly available and widely published newsletters that primarily cover oncology topics (not including corporate, investment or institutional newsletters)

In addition to restrictions noted above, the following are not eligible for credentials: representatives of marketing, advertising, public relations, communications or online promotion entities; publishers or book authors; patient advocates and patient-specific media/publications.

Application Elements

The application for the media credentials must include:

  • Letter describing the interest and purpose of coverage
  • A photocopy of official press credentials (not required for freelance journalists), e.g., national or international press card; or business card showing affiliation with specific media; or editorial roster/masthead from publication
  • Letter of assignment at the symposium
  • A sample of the publication
  • An example of recent, original, editorial health or medical coverage

Credential benefits

Journalists granted media credentials:

  • Receive registration at no fee (one journalist per media entity)
  • Have access to the symposium room block to make hotel accommodations
  • Upon request, can gain assistance arranging for interviews related to NANETS representatives and speakers and access to NANETS experts

Use of Credentials and Badges

Conference badges are required for journalists attending conferences and must be visible at all times. The credentials and media badge are specific to the media entity for which the credentials were sought and limited to the conference for which they were requested. Use for coverage for another entity is prohibited.

Credentials and badges are non-transferable.

Photography and Videotaping Restrictions

  • Advance written approval is required for photographers, videographers and/or production crews. Approved media will be accompanied on site.
  • Photography and videotaping is prohibited of education or scientific sessions and of slide presentations.
  • Interviews for approved media can be arranged, as appropriate.
  • Please contact us in advance to discuss your needs.

Code of Conduct

All media are subject to abiding by NANETS' code of conduct. Please read the code of conduct policy in its entirety before completing your application.

Media Credentials Request Form

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All media are subject to abiding by NANETS Code of Conduct. By checking the box below, the applicant confirms that they have read the Code of Conduct in its entirety and agrees to follow all terms.