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pamela kunz

July 6, 2021, Pamela Kunz, MD, NANETS Finance Committee Chair, Diversity and Membership Committee Past Chair, was featured on the Healthcare Unfiltered podcast with Chadi Nabhan, MD, MBA, FACP.

Dr. Kunz discussed potential reasons for higher incidences of NETs in the past three decades, as well as the latest treatment options for patients.
Dr. Kunz also highlighted NANETS' Diversity and Membership Committee's latest efforts toward inclusion through new data collection and efforts for representation. Listen now on SoundCloud.

NANETS is pleased to announce Julie Hallet, MD, MSC, FRCSC, has been elected to serve a two-year term as part of the Nominating Committee.

 julie hallet

Dr. Hallet is a surgical oncologist with the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, a 2018 recipient of a NANETS NCIS research grant, and a NANETS member since 2014.
The Nominating Committee will meet later this month to begin the process for the 2022 election cycle.